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We will clean your Tampa roof with soft washing methods to remove black algae growth to make your roof look like new again!

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Chances are if you live in an area that is prone to high humidity than the roof of your home may already have signs of black stains. It is very common for homes in high humidity with asphalt shingle roofs to have unsightly black streaks or stains. These stains are extremely unsightly and should be removed as quickly as possible.

What is the cause of the black stains on an asphalt shingle roof?

The continual presence of high humidity in the air around your home can lead to the build-up of a variety of blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma caused by airborne spores. This algae will cause the appearance of black stains on asphalt shingles. The more humidity you have, the more severe of a staining on the roof you will have.

It is extremely important that you get rid of the blue-green algae from the surface of your shingles. This algae can present a serious health threat just like having black mold on the inside of your home. The treatment for this roof staining is clean it with a high-quality cleaner and remove all of the visible stains using a chemical spray treatment.

You want to avoid using high-pressure water spraying as it could possibly cause damage to your asphalt shingles and force water into your roof. We us a roof safe soft washing method that has the chemicals in it to kill off the growth. The same cleaning process can be used for the removal of a number of other types of debris often found on the roof of houses in the Tampa area.

Tampa Roof Cleaning uses an exclusive high quality, non-high pressure washing system that is perfect for cleaning and removing the suspected black algae. By hiring someone who knows what to ensures that the job will be done quickly and right the first time.

By calling us, we can send off our teams of expertly trained technicians who have all of the necessary training and equipment that they can use to safely clean your roof and get rid of the build-up of all of the blue-green algae that could do a whole lot of damage to your home if left unchecked.

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