Tampa Paver Sealing

Sealing is essentially carried out to lend life and beauty to pavers. However, in order to lend beauty and protection, the job of sealing pavers has to be done efficiently. Tampa Paver Sealing crew has extensive experience in sealing pavers of all types at right way.

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Concrete Paver Sealing

Concrete pavers are a popular outdoor flooring surface. Concrete paving is very porous and stains easily. Its high porosity makes it particularly prone to salt efflorescence. Because of the use of high quality, invisible impregnating ingredients in the sealing agent, sealed pavers are protected for a long period.

Once it’s sealed, the paver wears a clean and glossy look. Sealing paver enhances the appearance of its color. Sealers use ingredients which protect the pavers from fading because of exposure to sunlight.

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Brick Paver Sealing

Brick paver walks and patios are becoming more and more popular each year. Tampa Paver Sealing highly recommends brick paver sealer or joint stabilizing brick sealer on all brick paver applications. At Tampa Paver Sealing. we are a quality brick sealer in Tampa area protecting the brick from weathering and help keep its color longer. Brick sealer comes in gloss and matte finishes. Joint stabilizing sealer will seal and protect the brick while hardening standard sweep sand between the joints, locking the bricks in place.

The benefits of sealing pavers are:

  • Save time and effort in maintenance
  • Sealing lends long life to pavers
  • Sealing enhances appearance of the paver
  • Sealing pavers saves you money
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Whether to Seal Paver?

Sealing pavers is a wise decision. Much like you should weather proof your wood deck with a product like Thompson’s Water Seal, applying a sealant to your brick pavers will help prolong the life of your pavers.

Pavers are a visual material. Functional, yes, however, most people agree that the primary worth pavers bring to a house is their visual effect. Sealing pavers assists to add to this worth. A sealant will protect them from premature fading because of strong or direct sunshine. You will clean the pavers simpler once they have a sealant on them. Water will bead on top of the pavers after a hard rain, just like it beads on your automobile after you have actually had it waxed. Mold can not as quickly take a foothold in the natural pours of the bricks, as those pours are now sealed. And many substantial sealant will darken the pavers. When pavers are sealed, they have a wet look to them. The wet look is really enticing as it makes the rich colors of the pavers stick out more prominently.

The sealing process normally takes 2 days. We carry out pressure washing and cleaning on very first day. Any spots, mold, or mildew will be cleaned off of the surface of the pavers. Once they have been washed, we might need it to add more joint sand in between the bricks in order to stabilize the field. This step is not always necessary. Normally, more recent installs will not need more sand as the pavers have just recently been set up and there’s enough amount. In older paver applications, we recommend a retouch of the joint sand after the pressure washing process. Next, the pavers should dry totally. Many paver sealers are solvent based, not water based. Making use of a solvent based sealant needs a low moisture content. If the pavers are sealed, while wet, with a solvent based sealer, a white, cloudy residue will form on the surface area of practically every brick. It is, for that reason, vital that the pavers are entirely dry before the sealer is applied. The next day, the sealant is used. To apply the sealer, we suggest using an air sprayer versus a paint roller technique. We use two medium coats across the paver area, allowing about an hour in between each coat for dry time. It is very important to not use too thick a coat, as the sealer will not properly permeate the pours. As soon as the second coat has been applied, let the sealer dry overnight prior to using the area.

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Having pavers installed is an investment, as it has minimal cost of maintenance and adds durability to the structure. Sealing a paver gets you great returns. Neither does it demand frequent maintenance, nor does it damage easily.


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